It’s a *really* small valley…

People talk about Silicon Valley being small, but sometimes it really hits you. Adobe had moved to San Jose before I started, but I now realize that I’ll be working less than half a mile from its longtime headquarters in Mountain View (see below; click for larger), for the company that now occupies that old HQ. Even crazier, I’m due to report for Google orientation directly across the sidewalk from the former HQ. Funny ol’ world. [Via Andrew Keith Strauss]


5 thoughts on “It’s a *really* small valley…

  1. Yeah, it’s small in a lot of ways. NetApp now occupies what was once ESL where I started out. For a time, it seemed, when going out to dinner it wasn’t an issue of whether I’d run into an old girlfriend, rather which one.

  2. Your new building is the former Alza headquarters, right? I used to work across the street at Remedy back in 1999, when Google had 50 employees or so. I thought about jumping ship over to them a few times. Oh well.

  3. If I remember correctly, The Shoreline was a city dump beautification project and that people smoking while enjoying the program would find the gasses seeping up thru the topsoil would ignite adding to the ‘good ol’ times’

  4. Ah yes, I remember it well. Lack of walkable restaurants was a bit of a problem (though that funky deli with the awesome roast turkey sandwiches might still be there?). Of course, you’ll have access to Google’s 5-star chefs. But man, nothing beats grabbing some wheels and heading to Shoreline on a sunny day. The trails go all the way to Palo Alto, and the scenery of the bay puts the “Mighty Guat” to shame.

    [Dude, except for the ~3 days a year when the rain swells it 100x, *everything* puts the Mighty Guat to shame. 🙂 –J.]

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