My impression of Google, after all of three days

Energy, man. Energy & purpose. These guys are On. The. Move. It’s like a far friendlier version of Robert Stack in Airplane. 🙂

7 thoughts on “My impression of Google, after all of three days

  1. I am reaching out to you about Picasa. I do not know anybody else to write. I have two requests.
    1 There has been an ongoing problem with Picasa that limits the ability to post from Picasa to Blogger. Many people have posted in the support forums but there has been no meaningful responses and no solutions. Can you shake the Google tree to fix the problem.
    2. Please advocate for continuing the development of Picasa. It would be amazing to add Snapseed editing to Picasa. I have way too many photographs to share upload them to a web based solution. The ad hoc indexing and easy sharing are great features. I recommend Picasa to many people and it is an excellent supplement to Lightroom. The ability of Picasa to work with the Google web based features enhances both tools. I have this feeling that Google will drop Picasa. If they do they will be undercutting the many users who use Picasa as an essential part of there indexing and sharing tools. So I am asking you to investigate and advocate for the continuing development of Picasa. The Snapseed features on the web are wonderful, but the web does not work if you have many photographs. Last year I had 35,000 photographs on my hard disk, counting RAW and JPEG.

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