An amazing model railway, explored through Sony’s new cam

I’ve been intrigued by Sony’s new QX10 & QX100 cameras, which use your smartphone as a viewfinder. It’s the perfect tool for photographer Matthew Albanese to tell the big-little story of Steve Buscemi soundalike Bruce Zaccagnino & his labor of love.

FastCo writes,

Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey, is a 52,000-square-foot world unto itself. Mountains, canyons, villages, cities, and, of course, trains. Lots of trains. It’s the world’s largest model railroad, made with enough lumber and drywall to build 40 houses, 200,000 pounds of plaster, and eight miles of train track.[…]

The companion site allows you to explore Northlandz yourself. There are three panoramas made from hundreds of photographs taken with the QX100 that you can rotate to change the view, zoom in to catch the tiny details and take pictures to share online.

[Via Chris Davis]

3 thoughts on “An amazing model railway, explored through Sony’s new cam

  1. That is fantastic. Its a joy to see all the neat stuff you find and put on your blog. The world seems to be getting more interesting each day–How many stories are still out there?

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