Photoshop vets doing interesting work

It’s nice to see my former teammates continuing to rock out: 

  • Storehouse was built by UI designer Mark Kawano. It’s a photo-centric iPad app billed as “the easiest way to create, share, and discover beautiful stories.”
  • Pictual comes to us from engineer Chintan Intwala, who engineered work like Puppet Warp & various GPU-enabled features. It’s “a beautiful, intelligent and simple picture-messaging app that uses design-magic to transform your words into pictures that encapsulate your mood, personality and emotion.”

One thought on “Photoshop vets doing interesting work

  1. Thanks for posting these John. I like Storehouse. It’ll be interesting to see how their planned mix of still and narrated video imaging will look/feel there …
    But it begs a question – are users generally going to find the app content engaging? Any more so than they might become interested in flipping through a stack of random photo albums. (People will invest good chunks of time and intellectual energy in “storyworks” which have a strongly imaginative basis that plays out – a novel (say), a movie or television drama series, or (even, in some instances) a full album of music..)
    So Storehouse (not a good name?) could become a useful tool, one level up from Instagram. But how to promote it above remaining only a very tiny atoll in a big sea of more compelling story lines and formats ..?
    A comparator:

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