Help shape the future of Google products

I continue to drink from the proverbial firehose, learning users’ likes, dislikes, and desires around photo backup, editing, and sharing. I’m looking forward to working with Google Usability, and they’d like to meet you:

During a study we may present you with and gather your feedback on an existing product, a new feature, or even prototypes. We may also interview you about particular daily habits or ask you to keep a log of certain activity types over a given period of time. Study sessions can happen at a Google office, in your home or business, or online through your computer or mobile device. Afterwards, you’ll receive a token of our appreciation for your cooperation.

If that sounds interesting, please sign up via their site.

5 thoughts on “Help shape the future of Google products

  1. I’m signing up.I’ll never understand why everyone doesn’t think testing for cool companies that start with A or G isn’t the most legal fun there is.

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