Thrilling, hypnotic slow-mo “Streets”

Transcendent work from Tim Sessler captures NYC in a fresh, magical way:

Shot with the Freefly TERO in the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.
Stabilized with the Freefly MōVI M10 and M15.
Shot on the Phantom Miro LC320S (1500-2000fps) and Red Epic Dragon

Khoi Vinh puts things really nicely:

[A]s its four-plus minutes of slow-motion footage shot on the streets of New York City rolled by, I came to realize that it was capturing details that I hadn’t seen before, even after living in the city for many years—tiny, delicate moments, some of them unexpectedly abstract, hidden within the hurried onslaught of urban life.

It’s amazing just how fleeting these moments were, as you can see in a behind-the-scenes peek:

Bonus from the archives: Andrew Clancy’s “A Year in New York” looks (and sounds) just lovely.

[Vimeo 1, 2, and 3]

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