Sweet sassy molassey, Photoshop finally has a Library panel!

And so does Illustrator!

My God, I thought this day might never come, but I’m thrilled: You can now drag objects into a library, then use them across projects, apps, and even machines (as it’s all cloud-synced). Check it out (along with smarter smart guides & more) in this demo from Paul Trani:

What a long & winding road it was to get here. This sort of workflow was what we always had in mind when developing Smart Objects & Bridge 10 (!!) years ago. It’s why Bridge originally offered a micro mode that could float over other apps, and it’s a big part of why I pushed the development of Mini Bridge & consistent panel extensibility across the Adobe suite. It was frustrating to never quite get to this point, so hats off to everyone who’s now made it happen!


2 thoughts on “Sweet sassy molassey, Photoshop finally has a Library panel!

  1. I remember Quark 3.32 (20 yrs ago) having some sort of library function – oh my, I’ve been at this a long time…

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