Snapseed updated for iOS8. What’s next?

I’m happy to say that my all-time favorite mobile editing app, Google Snapseed, has gotten a small revision to improve iOS 8 compatibility (specifically to address a snag when scrolling through the filter list).

The app has been my workhorse for more than three years, but there’s so much more it can be & do. What would you like to see?

7 thoughts on “Snapseed updated for iOS8. What’s next?

  1. I could not agree more with your assessment that Synapses is a workhorse. I would love to see Google commit to improving the foundational NIK Effects. It was a great product but was forgotten in the merger.

    [Any particular enhancements you’d like to see? Anything from the desktop that you miss on mobile? —J.]

  2. I would like to see it integrated into Picasa as a desktop application and as an alternative to Lightroom

  3. I love Snapseed and use it all the time. I wish it was better integrated into iOS 8. The native photo app now allows for this party apps to edit the photos without leaving it, and it’s awesome. You can browse your albums and do edits right there, using your favorites apps! I was a bit disappointed to not see Snapseed there, specially because I think it’s weakest point is the clunky importing photos to edit.
    If I could change something else, would be the ability to zoom in pictures, sometimes I want to adjust a small area or just see a detail, and I don’t think there’s a way to zoom in the app.

  4. A few Snapseed wishes:

    -Vignette controls both for size and opacity
    -Numerical input for rotation (be the first photo app to do this, thumb on screen sucks!)
    -Add negative adjustment to Shadows and create new Highlights control in Tune Image
    -Zoom control
    -Save to Dropbox/Google drive
    -Save overall image adjustments as settings to apply to other images

    That last one would be great when you have adjusted an image with a little bit of this and that and want to apply those to another image.

  5. +1 to John’s and Deepak’s requests.

    – put the same functionality that “Tune Image” has in Selective Adjust. (add Warmth, Shadows, Ambience
    – integration with Apple’s Camera Roll so we can access Snapseed functions without running the app
    – Layer mask option. Selective application of changes, especially when dealing with bringing up shadows (paint a mask over the parts you don’t want affected, etc.)

  6. Snapseed had been my go to photo editing app for years. Since ios8, it crashes constantly to the point that it’s useless. Extremely disappointing.

    [I’m really sorry to hear that, Gary, and I’ll follow up with our testers to see whether we know what’s going on. —J.]

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