A semi-forgotten gem in Picasa: Face movies

Google’s Picasa (one of the apps for which I’m now responsible) offers a rather magical time-lapse feature called Face Movies. Select a range of photos (e.g. by clicking the automatic face cluster for a person appearing in your library), then choose Create->Movie->From Faces in Selection. You’ll instantly get something like this:

I whipped one up featuring my son Henry, immediately getting my wife’s delight & requests for more.

7 thoughts on “A semi-forgotten gem in Picasa: Face movies

  1. I can still remember the first time I discovered this. I had no idea it existed. But I swear – this one feature caused the strongest emotional response I’ve had to software ever.

    1. I agree 100% – Picasa is still a brilliant piece of software. The lack of number of photos you can use in the Face Movie is a limitation but being free I can’t complain. Are you aware of any alternative options , even if not free?


      Cape Town

  2. Face movie ist the reason why I still use Picasa. Unfortunately there is no way to add more pictures after the movie is created. Is there a workaround? And do you know why google photos does not have such a great feature. It would definitely be a killer feature.
    Best regards from Stuttgart, Germany

    1. Like everything in life it is all about economics. From my research the technology was developed by one of the US universities and from what I can gather the software was withdrawn so they could bundle it for commercial benefit.

      So my suggestion is to research the technology to see where it takes you with a commercial solution that suits your needs.

      Good luck!

      1. hello!
        i am still wondering with all the manpower, AI and stuff – why that program “face movie” is still not available and why there is no small or big company use this gap in the market… i used this software to make a film from my kids, before google bought picasa … now its not possible to update that film with new fotos from my girls, unfortunatly.

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