Quick primer: Fundamentals of 3D in Photoshop CC

It’s a shame that after 7+ years, 3D in Photoshop remains, to the best of my knowledge, a very sparsely used area, and it has yet to yield the wide range of advances we envisioned at the start. Maybe, though, quick & practical tips like these from Paul Trani will help nudge the needle: 


2 thoughts on “Quick primer: Fundamentals of 3D in Photoshop CC

  1. I’ve enjoyed the 3D features very much and appreciate the hard work behind it all! I’ve also wondered about the relative dearth of activity, and think perhaps PS 3D is in a grey area between casual users that don’t have the hardware to enable easy use – and the pros that might dabble in it before doing their serious stuff in Maya, ect. Maybe as the installed base of computers gets ‘up to speed’ for the average user, this will get people’s interest and ability up to level. I’ve been noticing more commercial work that’s obviously done using it, so it does have the love 🙂
    The same could probably be said about the video capabilities of PS – surprisingly powerful, but has stayed under the radar.
    Corey Barker has always been a great promoter of 3D’s virtues and has a large number of videos and articles about using and exploring it.

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