A nice Photos quote from TechCrunch

“Reasonable people can argue about the success of Google+ as a social network, but there can be little doubt that Google+ Photos has always been one of the most interesting and innovative aspects of the service.” —Frederic Lardinois

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” — Me. 🙂

Bring on 2015,

2 thoughts on “A nice Photos quote from TechCrunch

  1. John,
    I would be grateful for you to not automatically post this, as it has turned out to be the only way I could find to reach you.

    I have an email card to send you and have run out of variants that might have reached you at Google, hence my responding to: ” You aint seen nothing yet”, in the hope you can send me an address that allows me to send it.
    Whatever happens, Happy Christmas,

  2. Oops Rod….looks like it posted!

    Anyway, John + the rest of the Nack family. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

    Many thanks for giving us this wonderful blog. Long may it continue. Your efforts on all levels are very much appreciated.


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