Snapseed 2 has arrived!

I’m thrilled to announce that Snapseed 2, the next generation of the award-winning mobile photography powerhouse—has arrived and is ready for download on iOS & Android. Key new features:

  • Non-destructive editing via Stacks allows you to re-edit or undo any change. You can also copy edits from one image to another.
  • New tools including Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast, intelligent perspective Transform, and Spot Healing.
  • Selectively apply filters and effects to parts of the image using the Brush tool.

We’ve also added long-requested features like zooming, undo, highlight adjustment, and more. I think you’ll find that you can work both faster (moving edits among images) and with more precision (using brushing to fine-tune the whole image or even individual filters). We’d love to see what you create & to hear your thoughts, here and in the user-to-user forum.


Here’s an ultra quick tour:


One thought on “Snapseed 2 has arrived!

  1. Nice! Will try.

    [The music from the video made me imagine sewing machine training videos from the mid-’90s; “In this segment, we’ll learn how to re-thread the bobbin after changing the supply spool…”]

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