An illuminating pair of charts comparing “camera” sales

““I would argue that the camera industry is healthier than it’s ever been,” says photographer Sven Skafisk, “but the brands we all think of as ‘the camera companies’ aren’t participating.” Check out this pair of charts he showed that first show the sale of traditional digital cameras…


…then show digital camera sales when you factor in smartphones:



5 thoughts on “An illuminating pair of charts comparing “camera” sales

  1. Yes, the the number of smartphones made/sold is tremendous. But, although people do use the camera in a phone, that’s not why they buy that particular phone in 95+% of the sales. It’s like counting light bulb sales, they count goes up when you factor in car, appliance, and flashlight sales too. Social media has propelled the phone camera usage. It has created new markets, like the selfie stick. It’s great until you decide that you want an enlargement for your wall, then you see that that picture which looks soooo good on the phone screen, looks terrible printed as an 11×14. Cameras in phones have their uses and will never go away, but serious photographers will always be buying camera only cameras. Just my thoughts.

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