Google & MIT algorithm can remove photo obstructions

Want to remove annoying reflections & other impediments? Check out this demo. As PetaPixel summarizes, “Basically, instead of shooting a single static photo, the photographer captures a short sequence of images while slightly moving the camera around between frames.”

Per the team’s description:

The video accompanying our SIGGRAPH 2015 paper “A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography”. We present a unified computational approach for taking photos through reflecting or occluding elements such as windows and fences. Rather than capturing a single image, we instruct the user to take a short image sequence while slightly moving the camera. Differences that often exist in the relative position of the background and the obstructing elements from the camera allow us to separate them based on their motions, and to recover the desired background scene as if the visual obstructions were not there. We show results on controlled experiments and many real and practical scenarios, including shooting through reflections, fences, and raindrop-covered windows.


One thought on “Google & MIT algorithm can remove photo obstructions

  1. Wonder if it would work with reflections on glasses. That’s one of the tougher photo-corrections for me & often I just give up. Unfortunately, the sample area is usually so small, I don’t know if it would work.

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