New features arrive in Google Photos

iOS, Android, and Web have received some nice tweaks. All platforms now show “Rediscover this day cards.” In addition:

On Android:

  • Reorder your photos in an album: Tap the pencil icon within the album, then drag photos to reorder them.
  • Adjust the length of clips within movies: Open a movie (which lives under Collections), tap the timeline icon, and tap the clip you want to adjust.

On iOS:

  • Change the cover photo of your albums: Go into an album, tap one of the photos, and then tap the overflow menu (three dots in the upper right) and choose “Use as album cover.” (This also works on Android & Web.)
  • Share animations directly to Facebook: Photos will insert a link so that your photos can animate inline on Facebook.
  • Save animations as videos to share to Instagram, Whatsapp, and more: Open a GIF, tap the share button, and tap “Save as Video.” Frames are replicated several times to preserve the looping effect as much as possible, and the resulting video appears alongside the original GIF.

On Web:

  • Reorder your photos in an album: Click the pencil icon within the album, then drag photos to reorder them.
  • Edit the time/date stamp of a photo by opening an image: Click the little “i” icon to show the sidebar, rolling over the date, and clicking the pencil icon (here’s a screenshot).

3 thoughts on “New features arrive in Google Photos

  1. Hi John.

    Nice new things 🙂

    I’ve got this one I (might have) submitted (but not sure it got posted and disappeared somewhere in a no internet zone).

    While browsing photos on an Android cell phone (from which I take most of them) I go from one to the other by swiping right and left.

    If I zoom on one picture to see more details, then, when I swipe, I move inside that photo.
    When I reach the side, nothing happens, I’m just stuck there.
    If I un-zoom to full image view, I can go to the next or previous.

    The 4.2* Android Gallery allows me to browse images, zoom inside, move right and left inside the image, and, when reaching a side, go to the next picture. (*stuck there on my good old phone)

    Is this something you’ve experienced ? Is this something you’d change too ?

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