A nice little tweak to Google Photos web search

Now when you go to photos.google.com/search and find some results, you can expand the results cluster to show more images from that day—just as you can on iOS. (Hang tight, Android.) Just click the little downward-facing carat.

I found this really helpful the other day when I wanted to find some ancient (2002-era) images taken when my brother & I road-tripped past the Great Salt Lake. They were captured long before we had access to GPS, yet Photos recognized the landscape in a number of them & showed them when I searched for “salt lake.” I could then click the carat to see other images from that day.


SearchCarat sm

One thought on “A nice little tweak to Google Photos web search

  1. Now as a follow-up, it would be GREAT to be able to edit the location metadata of those older photos, similar to hoe you’ve recently implemented editing the date so that you can add GPS data via a Google Maps interface. Would really like to see that feature.

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