Will Photoshop.next auto-zap distracting elements?

Hmm—interesting: according to PetaPixel, Adobe is Working on Automatic Distraction Removal Technology:

The scientists first gathered together thousands of photos and asked people (through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk) to manually mark distracting regions in them… That set of annotated images was then used to train a computer to recognize areas of photos people might want to remove in random photos presented to it.

Okay, but I’d like to see this run in reverse, slyly inserting weird little elements (garden gnome, rune, cursed tiki, etc.) into the periphery of your shots—not unlike the PhotoBomb Tool parody that I got in trouble for blogging at Adobe. :-p 

A number of examples of original photos, the identified distractions, and the resulting photo with the distraction removed.

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