Snapseed gets a more powerful Healing Brush, more

Do you live in a world where every blemish, random bird, stray pedestrian, and telephone wire is perfectly round? Me neither!

Therefore I think you’ll really like Snapseed’s new ability to heal arbitrary-shaped regions. Just tap the filter selector, tap Healing, and then paint away the bits you’d like to omit. And of course these operations are, like everything else in the new Snapseed, non-destructive, meaning that you can go back and re-edit them and/or copy/paste them among images.

The update (2.0.4) should now be live on the App Store & Play Store. It also squashes some bugs & adds support for Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) and Canadian French.

Here’s an animation of healing in action: 


3 thoughts on “Snapseed gets a more powerful Healing Brush, more

  1. Hi there. Im a snapseed newbie, I see you can remove, “heal” elements of your pic, is it possible to duplicate and insert an element aswell?

  2. This initial post was regarding an upgrade in 2015, and still, July 2017, Snapseed can’t do what Sarah asks, which Picasa could : CHOOSE what you want to replace the deleted item with! And even if you enlarge the photo, a small item can’t be selected. Too bad. I miss Picasa.

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