Photography: Fire-breathing in bullet time

Mitch Martinez arrayed 48 DSLRs, a RED Epic, and a Panasonic GH4 to capture a pair of fire artists practicing their craft. I love the CGI-free results, though I wish he’d found a way to vary the capture times just slightly in order to preserve a touch of motion while shifting perspective.

A quick time lapse of the rig being assembled:

 [Vimeo 1 & 2] [Via]

2 thoughts on “Photography: Fire-breathing in bullet time

  1. Interesting John, thanks for posting this. I agree that using the DSLRs in video mode to give motion and changing perspective would have given a far more interesting result.

    ‘Time slicing’ is generally reckoned to have first been used with EOS-300Ds for the fight sequences on the Matrix, however Mark Ruff claims to have used EOS-10Ds for a McDonalds ad campaign in Australia, back in 2004

    The BBC Natural History Network used this type of rig very effectively underwater with GoPro 1 cameras and Lemon sharks in 2011 – the presenter, Steve Backshall got bitten!

    This is some more recent work done at London fashion week 2013:

  2. Amazing work. The single thing i’d have done differently, is camera placement. They seem to be evenly spaced and that creates this linear, robotic move. If at all possible it would have been nicer to “ease” their positions a little, so that the bullet time effect is a little smoother.

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