Photoshop to get a customizable toolbar

Configurator is dead; long live Configurator.

So, it seems that Photoshop will soon enable what Illustrator offers now*—the ability to remix the app’s toolbar:

Cool, though no one will care—at least not yet.

Very few people will invest time in setting these up (as very few create & switch among workspaces or custom menu configurations), but maybe someday—just maybe—you’ll be able to sync not only your own app settings, but those of other users. That was always the vision for Configurator: One in a hundred (or a thousand) alpha nerds would create amazingly useful workspaces (e.g. the Khoi Vinh design configuration) that everyone else could grab simply by typing in a name like “@khoi” right into the app. That way an incredibly broad, general toolset could get crisply tailored for each community and task.

Power to the people. It’s a nice, and for now perpetual, dream.


*You don’t use it there, either.

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