Werewolves, man, werewolves: Character Animator gets fun new features

My pal Dave demos what he & the After Effects founders have been up to lately:

  • Sticks let you add rigid parts to characters by drawing a line over them.
  • Take Blending allows multiple performance capture recordings to blend together seamlessly.
  • “Split Lip Sync Into Visemes” gives you a way to edit individual mouth shapes for more precise lip sync tweaking.
  • With multi-touch support, you can control a character’s draggable parts with your fingers on touch-enabled screens.
  • Slow Recording options let you record performances at a slower speed for quicker, more nuanced motions at normal playback speed.
  • Latched Key Triggers provide a way for keyboard inputs to do new actions, like make a smoke puff appear and turn a character into a werewolf.
  • Head Turner Camera Control allows you to control a character’s 5 different head positions with your head in a webcam.


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