A rather charming father-son ad from Canon

Okay, yes, my inner cynic says that for-profit art schools churn out more “professional photographers” in a year than such jobs exist in the whole country, and that million-view videos online generally pay their creators just a couple of grand at best. Still, there’s more value in a visual education than just getting a job, and I like the spirit of this narrative (as would Max Fischer):


[YouTube] [Via Justin Oliver]

2 thoughts on “A rather charming father-son ad from Canon

  1. Uh, Canon, hate to break this to you, but the kid directors of today are rocking iPhones (or iPod touches, if they’re younger).

    (Those big rigs with the mirrors slapping around are destined for the top shelf on the wall behind the counter at Keeble & Shuchat. Soon.)

  2. Ah, the “top shelf at Keeble & Shuchat”! I have memories of that place going back 40 years. My dad is John Clifton (a retired manager there), and I grew up at that store, restocking shelves, working the price gun, and recycling cardboard. Funny to find it mentioned here.

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