Mo’ #sadtrombone re: social media fame

Following on yesterday’s post about lobster traps:

The awkward part was that Ashley wasn’t there to celebrate with Buzzfeed. She was there to serve them. Not realizing that her handful of weekly waitressing shifts at Eveleigh paid most of her bills, a coworker from the video production site asked Ashley if her serving tray was “a bit.” It was not.

So, carry on, then. :-p

PS—Being on something of a bumout roll: Big IPO, Tiny Payout for Many Startup Workers.

One thought on “Mo’ #sadtrombone re: social media fame

  1. I wish there was more reality check on the Startup biz (lookin’ at you TechCrunch). Most startups fizzle or fail.

    Even for the winners, if you’re not at the kitchen table on day zero, the payout is roughly the same as what you lost out on at the big-company job.

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