Google creates a virtual tour of Abbey Road Studios

With just your computer, or even better through a Cardboard headset, you can step inside Abbey Road, stepping right into 360º orchestral performances and more.

IAR for Cardboard Mirror Drum Room

As the team writes,

[Enjoy] a nine-part guided tour narrated by Giles Martin, the son of the late Beatles producer, George Martin, who shares the history of the studios from the 1930’s to present day.

After the tour, you can quite literally move around the studios at your leisure to see hidden treasures like Studio 3’s Mirrored Drum Room, where the mirrors help to create a close, bright and loud sound quality. Uncover one of Abbey Road’s Mastering Suites, where a record gets its finishing touches before a release. In Studio 1, experience what it’s like to be in a recording session with the London Symphony Orchestra with surround sound.

IAR for Cardboard Studio2

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