Google Photos Web gets new shortcuts, more

Ever want to rotate an image instantly, without even opening the Web editor? [Whoops, the rotation shortcut works only in the editor right now. Stay tuned.] Open the image on Google Photos Web, then press Shift-R. Want to Auto Enhance a photo in the editor? Just press A. Per the team page:

New keyboard shortcuts
Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly edit, enhance, delete, download, search, and more. Press Shift + ? to see them all.

Upload to albums
Save time by uploading photos from your computer directly into an album. Yes, even in shared albums.

The latter has been a godsend for me & my Nepal team. I just drag images directly from my desktop into our shared album & goodness ensues.


5 thoughts on “Google Photos Web gets new shortcuts, more

    1. Ugh—thanks for catching that. The plan is to enable rotation everywhere, but apparently that change hasn’t rolled out yet.

    1. Me too — would be a huge simplification. Since you can recover your deleted images if you change your mind, let’s skip the confirmation.

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