Watch artists paint with Google’s VR Tilt Brush

I recently went inside this thing & was blown away—a huge step beyond seeing just 2D representations.

BetaNews writes,

“With Tilt Brush, you can paint in three-dimensional space. Just select your colors and brushes and get going with a wave of your hand. Your room is a blank slate. You can step around, in and through your drawings as you go. And, because it’s in virtual reality, you can even choose to use otherwise-impossible materials like fire, stars or snowflakes”, says Andrey Doronichev, Group Product Manager, Google VR.

Doronichev further says, “one of the best parts about any new medium is just seeing what’s possible. So, we brought Tilt Brush to The Lab at Google Cultural Institute — a space in Paris created to bring tech and creative communities together to discover new ways to experience art. Since then, artists from around the world and from every discipline have come to explore their style in VR for the very first time”.

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One thought on “Watch artists paint with Google’s VR Tilt Brush

  1. Seeing the exertion put in by some of these guys, I’m reminded of the girl in the bar who says, “For $200, I’ll do anything you tell me, as long as you can say it in three words.” The fellow answers, “Terrific. Paint my house.”

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