Old McPhotos had some shortcuts, E-I-E-I-O…

In Google Photos for Web, I fly through editing my images by using a few quick keyboard shortcuts. I click to open an image, tap E to open the editor, tap A to apply (or reset) Auto Enhance, press O to see before/after, and tap the arrow keys to move among images. This might help your memory:

  • A: Auto Enhance (first press toggles it on; second in sequence resets sliders to zero)
  • E: Edit (press it in lightbox to jump into the editor)
  • I: Info (press it in lightbox to show/hide the Info panel)
  • O: Original (press & hold it while editing to toggle between original & edited)
  • U: You (know I’ve run out of steam with this mnemonic ;-p)

If nothing else, remember that you can Press Shift-? to see all the shortcuts with which you can edit, enhance, delete, download, search, and more.


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