Snapseed 2.5 delivers faster batch editing, image flipping

It’s now much faster to apply the same edits to a number of images in sequence:

Apply Last Edits from the Main Screen. Use this feature to apply the same edits on a new photo that have been applied to the last saved photo. This feature only applies adjustments that have no local dependencies (i.e. no crop, transform or brush filters)

You can also use a new toggle switch inside the Straighten filter to flip an image horizontally:

Horizontal flip. Use this feature to horizontally mirror a photo, for example to fix front camera selfies which did not get mirrored correctly by the camera app.


And last but not least:

On Android Snapseed now displays more photo metadata information, including a map if the photo contains GPS information.

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3 thoughts on “Snapseed 2.5 delivers faster batch editing, image flipping

  1. Headline says faster batch editing. What was the slower way? Also the ‘apply last edits’ feature isn’t technically batch editing is it. You can only work on a single image (not a batch) at any point.

  2. I love taking photos and posting them online. With Snapseed, you get just that. This photo editing app was perfect for touching up my photos. This was able to take basic photos and make them look almost professional.

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