Adobe powers Cartoon Trump, enhances Character Animator

I awoke from a Bailey’s-tinged snooze a few months ago to behold Stephen Colbert interacting in realtime with a lurid, loudmouthed cartoon Donald Trump. Quickly I shot a note to my friends working on Adobe Character Animator: “Hey, have you guys seen this thing? I wonder what app they’re using.” “Uhh… {something something, we can neither confirm nor deny…}” they wrote back.

I’m delighted that the team can now take credit for powering this silliness—along with the recent live-animated Simpsons episode. Check out the Trump puppet in action:

They’ve also recently announced lots of improvements to the app. Here’s a taste:


[YouTube 1 & 2]

4 thoughts on “Adobe powers Cartoon Trump, enhances Character Animator

  1. Ha ha ha.. That cartoon Donald trump looks so funny.
    On a serious note, I really don’t understand why this guy is being so much trolled. 🙁

  2. In the above 2D cartoon animation of Donal Trump is just amazing! and after watching his number of bloopers I must say that cartoon character really suits him!

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