Photography: A loving portrait of a master camera fixer

I think you’ll enjoy David Drills’s 2-minute glimpse into the world of Gian Luigi Carminati, “a passionate and poetic 76 years old man who spent his entire life repairing cameras.”

In his small workshop in Milan, [Gian Luigi] takes care of old cameras with just a set of screwdrivers and a lot of patience.
We got the chance to spend some time with him and he was happy to share with us topics like why the analog is still better than the digital, his 50 years old long relationship with photography and how technology shaped the approach to this art.
We were deeply touched by these thoughts about photography coming from a self described ‘technician’ instead of a photographer.
With this two minutes video we had the ambition to tell his life through his memories.

One thought on “Photography: A loving portrait of a master camera fixer

  1. Truly a beautiful story, that I can’t help but feel and almost agree. I started with a Exa 1A and when I graduated from high school I had a drum {55 gal} full of empty 35mm cassettes. Now I do shoot a digital river of images. I am still searching for the new place for images that film once occupied. On one hand I agree with Luigi , completely, then on the other I know that a new place is coming too. It has not arrived yet but I believe it will. It is the addition of people like you, John Nack, that will slowly create the new river.

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