The Dell Canvas looks beautiful

Changes aren’t permanent, but change is…

Back when Mac users were departing the platform in droves, Adobe did Apple a favor, making it hard to find info about how to transfer your Mac serial number to Windows. Then Apple sprang back to life, customers started asking to make the opposite transition easy, and we obliged. Now the pendulum seems to be swinging back, with Mac pros cheekily bemoaning their neglect and companies like Microsoft & Dell (yes, really) making what appears to be kickass creative hardware:

PetaPixel writes,

Like the Surface Studio, the Dell Canvas works with a pen and dial (in this case, Dell’s ‘totems’); like the Cintiq 27QUD, it’s meant to be used as a peripheral, a 27-inch QHD touchscreen ‘workspace’ that connects to your existing Windows 10 computer and makes it a whole lot more creatively useful when using programs like Photoshop or Autodesk.

It should cost $1800 & be available to order at the end of March.



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