Introducing Toontastic 3D!

I’m thrilled to announce that my friends Andy, Thushan, Mike, and their merry band of Google toymakers have totally reinvented their storytelling app for kids, Toontastic 3D! Now available for both iOS and (for the first time) Android, the award-winning Toontastic—which my kids & I first dug back in 2011 (!)—has leaped into the third dimension. Check it out!

Thushan writes,

With Toontastic 3D, kids can draw, animate and narrate their own adventures, news stories, school reports, and anything else they might dream up. All they need to do is move characters around on the screen and tell their story. It’s like a digital puppet theater… but with enormous interactive 3D worlds, dozens of customizable characters, 3D drawing tools, and an idea lab with sample stories to inspire new creations.

I hope you love it, and we can’t wait to see what you make!



2 thoughts on “Introducing Toontastic 3D!

  1. Does NOT show up if you search the Apple Store for ‘toontastic’.

    DOES show up, if you search the Apple Store for ‘toontastic 3d’.

    1. Thanks, Bruce. Sounds like the app is there, just way down the list, and that this is due to other app makers using the name “Toontastic” in their metadata (a nice problem to have, but still…). It’ll be fixed, I’m told.

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