Big Snapseed news: Save & share presets, apply selective Structure, and more

So, this happened. 🙂 In Snapseed 2.16 on iOS & Android, you can:

  • Edit faster by using reusable “looks”: save the edits on any photo as a look, and apply saved looks to other images.
  • Share looks with friends and other users by generating a QR code for each.
  • Apply Structure to individual areas of your photo via the Selective tool.

And on Android you can:

  • Automatically correct the perspective of your photos using the the enhanced Perspective tool.
  • Find inspiring tutorial content via the Insights stream. [already available on iOS]


The QR-based sharing is a fun twist. The team writes,

You now can easily share these looks with your friends and followers. Snapseed will generate a QR code that embeds your look. Scan this QR code [below] in Snapseed to apply the look to the current photo. You can easily share it through social media, on your web site, or by email and instant messaging! 


8 thoughts on “Big Snapseed news: Save & share presets, apply selective Structure, and more

  1. Is there a community of Snapseed users that post these QR code looks? Pretty difficult to sift through the news to find new ones, if so.

  2. Except you can’t actually load the presets someone shares with you unless you are accessing the QR code on a SEPARATE DEVICE (you have to scan it with the camera in your phone). Why can’t I import a look by just downloading the QR image to my phone and opening that!? Your current system requires two separate devices. Also would LOVE to back up my own looks to iCloud so if I lose my phone I don’t have to start from scratch with new looks.

    1. Here’s something I did today to share a look I created on my iPhone with the Snapseed I have on my iPad: when exporting the finished picture I selected ‘save a copy: Creates a copy you can undo.’

      When I opened this picture in Snapseed on the iPad I was able to click the ‘+’ in the Looks menu to create that look/preset on the iPad.

      I hope this helps

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