Chronoscape: A fun AR experiment from Google Japan

How about an augmented-reality spyglass that lets you see your current surroundings from the perspective of another season? That’s Chronoscape:

Auto-translated project description:

When you approach Chronoscape with a dedicated Android smartphone application and approach a place where you can see “another time”, Chronoscape notifies you.Look into Chronoscape and rotate the operating part, you can see different scenery of different time at that place. In addition, favorite landscapes can be saved in a smartphone with a single touch, and you can look back and share it later.



One thought on “Chronoscape: A fun AR experiment from Google Japan

  1. I recently published Novel called ‘Chronoscape.’ It is on free download today or else available in the Kindle library. It’s a time travel story. I thought I’d made the word up but you have used it as well. Good luck with your device. Roger Ley.

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