3 thoughts on “Illustration: Painting Frida Kahlo in VR

  1. This is really fascinating. But watching her work, holding her arms and hands out like that for extended periods of time, looks tiring. As in, “why mice won over light pens” tiring.

    Could the palette rest on a lightweight, easy to move stand? What’s the VR equivalent of a Mahl stick?

    1. It does look tiring. I wonder how much of that can change presuming we get lightweight controls that rely just on one’s fingers, instead of on holding wands. I don’t know much about how things are developing in that space, but I’m always hopeful that Leap Motion-style devices will proliferate & change the game here.

      1. Like this example?

        Still, even if the controllers are just your hand and fingers, holding them out for hours is going to be challenging.

        Actually, re-watching World Builder makes me wonder where his platform to work on the 2nd floor came from. I guess you just move the virtual Z=0 plane down 12 feet, and hope you don’t get dizzy.

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