Giphy World: Social remixing of AR collages

A few years back I was really intrigued by Mixel, a social collage app that enabled easy creation & mixing of scenes. It didn’t take off, but I thought the underlying concept was strong, and now Giphy is taking a run at something similar:

Allows you to place gifs in 3D space, share videos of them or even share the whole 3D scene in AR with friends who have the app. They can then add, remix and re-share new instances of the scene. As many people as you want can collaborate on the space.

You drop GIFs into the world in the exact position you want them. A curated and trending mix of gifs that have transparency built into them is the default, but you can also flip it over to place any old Gif on the platform.

Interesting; let’s see what happens!



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