Have richer conversations around photos on Google+

“A humble thing, but thine own,” Vin Scully used to say, and I’m happy to note that one of the photography-related features I helped shepherd through during my time on enterprise social has launched.

Photographers told us that the new Web UI for Google+, while welcome for offering features like zoom & photo sphere support, made it harder to see the context on photos & to have conversations around them. That’s now changed, providing a better balance between image & context. G+ tech lead Leo Deegan writes,

Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out a new version of the photo lightbox on Google+ Web. The new lightbox, which appears for photos that are part of single-photo posts (not yet for multi-photo posts), places a greater emphasis on the photo caption and comments.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m happy about this new lightbox. First, the EXIF data (found in the “Show information” menu item) brings back the display of the photo date; the previous lightbox displayed the post date. And second, clicking on the back arrow brings you to the post no matter how you arrive at the lightbox (people who found their way to a lightbox without being able to get to the post know what I’m talking about).


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