A trio of interesting 360º cameras

Remember Instagram hyperlapses—or if you’re nerdier, stabilization app Luma (acquired by Instagram)? Creator Alex Karpenko is back with Rylo, a $499 360º camera that promises great built-in stabilization & innovative software features. PetaPixel notes,

The second feature is called Follow, and that lets you track action with just a single tap on the app. The software will then adjust the orientation of the camera and keep the action in the frame.

Next up is Points, a feature which controls the camera’s perspective. Tapping on specific points of interest, Rylo will produce a smooth shot that “connects each of your points.”


Meanwhile Motorola has introduced the $299 moto 360 camera, a small pop-on addition to its phones that promises “360° photos and 4K video with 3D sound.” The size, immediacy of the phone connection, & ability to switch to the device’s regular cameras on the fly look pretty appealing.



Not to be left out, GoPro is introducing the Fusion, a $699 (relative) behemoth:

Its six onboard cameras can capture VR and non-VR in 5.2K resolution, with 360-degree audio. It also has an OverCapture feature that “punches out” a regular image from a spherical photo and onboard stabilization features allow for smooth capture. The Fusion works with the GoPro app and the camera is waterproof up to 16 feet.


Game on!

[YouTube 1 & 2]

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