BYO dancing hot dog: AR creation tools emerge from Snapchat & Facebook

Wait—I work on augmented reality tech at Google, so why am I mentioning tools from the other guys?

Well, I’m fundamentally interested in any tools that give people creative superpowers. Just as features like semantic segmentation promise to drain the drudgery from traditional imaging work, tools like these promise to deepen the canvas, letting regular people create experiences that only a few years ago were barely imagined. Good times!

  • Facebook Camera Effects platform (which previously required applying for access):
    • “Build augmented reality experiences for the Facebook camera and Live broadcasts with AR Studio, our customizable suite of creative tools for Mac.”
    • “Create stunning effects that respond to motion, gestures, facial expressions, and your surroundings. Develop creative effects that instantly respond to comments and reactions during Live broadcasts. Combine data and design to create new immersive experiences for the audiences that matter to you.”
    • There’s a corresponding FB group.
  • Snapchat Lens Studio:
    • “Everything you need to build and launch immersive Lenses — all in one place.”
    • “Create and publish your Lens in three easy steps: Design your 3D creation in your favorite software, then import the file right into Lens Studio. Bring your creation to life with movement patterns, animations, and interactive triggers! Preview your Lens on your mobile device, then submit it for publication on Snapchat. If approved, you’ll get a unique Snapcode anyone can scan to unlock your Lens. Then, your Lens can be sent directly to friends, and unlocked again!”



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