Students: $5/year (!) for Photoshop & all of Creative Cloud

Adobe subscriptions massively lower the barrier to entry,” I wrote back in 2012:

Yesterday, if you didn’t own Photoshop, the cost of getting started was $700.
Today it’s $20*.

Yesterday if you didn’t own the Master Collection, the cost was $2,600.
Today it’s $50–or if you own a CS3 or later app, just $30 (!).

Yesterday if you wanted to reach tablets via Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution, the cost was $400 per publication.
Soon it’ll be free, for unlimited publications, once you subscribe to Creative Cloud.

This is a very big deal.

Now, here’s an even bigger deal:

Adobe will offer K-12 schools its full suite of Creative Cloud software for $5 per student per year, starting May 15, it said Thursday. That’s a radical discount compared […] earlier education pricing of $240 per year […] $360 after the first year.

Kids can use on home computers when they sign in, Adobe said. 

Amazingly bold. I love it.


4 thoughts on “Students: $5/year (!) for Photoshop & all of Creative Cloud

  1. Fine print: minimum of 500 seats per school, or 2,500 for a school district. For the large high schools in our area (2-3,000 students each) this shouldn’t be a problem.

    This is a huge win – last time I checked the schools in our area were still on CS6 (party like it’s 2012).

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