Demo: Realtime pose estimation in a browser

My teammates George & Tyler have been collaborating with creative technologist Dan Oved to enable realtime human pose estimation in Web browsers via the open-source Tensorflow.js (the same tech behind the aforementioned Emoji Scavenger Hunt). You can try it out here and read about the implementation details over on Medium.

Ok, and why is this exciting to begin with? Pose estimation has many uses, from interactive installations that react to the body to augmented reality, animation, fitness uses, and more. […]

With PoseNet running on TensorFlow.js anyone with a decent webcam-equipped desktop or phone can experience this technology right from within a web browser. And since we’ve open sourced the model, JavaScript developers can tinker and use this technology with just a few lines of code. What’s more, this can actually help preserve user privacy. Since PoseNet on TensorFlow.js runs in the browser, no pose data ever leaves a user’s computer.


[Via Luca Prasso]

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