A printable master list of Adobe keyboard shortcuts

After busting my ass there for two solid years, I came within hours of being laid off from Adobe, only to be saved by Russell Brown. During that purgatorial period, my soon-to-be-ex boss Michael Ninness tossed me the bone of updating his Photoshop keyboard shortcuts book for PS7. I was grateful for the gig (as who knew what lay next?—certainly not getting a call to work on Photoshop!), and ever since I’ve had a particular soft spot for anyone working to make Adobe shortcuts more comprehensible. Enter Shutterstock:

[W]e created a handy printable chart for all the most common and useful shortcut key combos* in the big-three Adobe design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign). It’s color-coded, labeled, and grouped for maximum efficiency. We call it the Periodic Table of Adobe Keyboard Shortcuts, and we’re letting you download it here, totally free.



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