Photography: So *that’s* how they got that drone shot

You know what’s really hard? Flying steadily in one direction while smoothly sweeping the camera around to focus on a subject and maybe climbing/descending and maybe tilting the camera? Yeah, just kidding: it’s nearly impossible.

But maybe now*, through the use of Course Lock mode & with this guidance from Drone Film Guide, I can pull it off.

In a nutshell:

  • Pick a heading & speed
  • Start flying back & forth along this fixed path while varying rotation/height/tilt
  • Dial down the sensitivity of your yaw control


In a second installment, Stewart goes into more detail comparing Course Lock to Tap Fly:

*”Now” is relative: Yesterday my luck finally ran out as I flew the Mavic into some telephone wires. At least it’s not at the bottom of Bixby Canyon or Three-Mile Slough, where other power lines threatened to put it on previous (mis)adventures. (“God helps old folks & fools…”) The drone took a hard bounce off the pavement, necessitating a service trip to reset the gimbal (which moves but now doesn’t respond to control inputs), but overall it’s amazingly sturdy. 💪😑 

[YouTube 1 & 2]

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