3D capture & scanning, if you don’t mind looking like a tool

“Oh, is that True Love Waits conference?” my friend once snarkily asked as we drove past GPU conference attendees milling around downtown San Jose. “Is this Virgin-con?” Their dorktastic style comes to mind seeing demos for the helmet-mounted Wunder360.

Given that my trusty, if imperfect, Theta S 360º camera has gone MIA, I’m thinking about possible replacements. Having busted on the Wunder a bit, I’ll say I’m intrigued by the mapping possibilities. Given all it promises (especially relative to, say, the $499 Rylo camera), I’d worry that it’s oversold, especially at $159—but I guess we shall see.

The device promises:

  • Capturing 360 videos with in-camera stitching, no extra post-production software is needed;
  • Easy 3D scanning, enables the ability to create in 3D for everyone;
  • AI-powered smart tracking, locks on your favorite view;
  • Super smooth stabilization, say goodbye to shaky shots;
  • Compact, lightweight and portable, pop the S1 in your pocket;
  • With 100ft waterproof case, S1 works with you anywhere;


2 thoughts on “3D capture & scanning, if you don’t mind looking like a tool

  1. I’ve really soured on crowdfunded products. It sounds like a pretty conventional 360 camera…the 3D “scanning” is just post processing of the 360 imagery. The red flag I see if the free one and two years of cloud service. Sites that offer 3D tours are fairly expensive and make sense mostly for businesses. I’m wary of doing any work on a “free” platform that I won’t be able to access later without an expensive subscription. That’s why I didn’t play with Cupix during its free beta period.

  2. That is all pretty awesome, but I need capability to reproduce 4 x 20 feet on the image, and all this won’t do it. TG , so I am still in business. whew….

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