AR: Google’s “Weird Cuts” lets you make collages in space

Weird indeed, but nifty:

TechCrunch notes,

The app consists of two modes — a cutout mode and a collage mode.

The idea is that you should walk around and collect a bunch of different materials from the world in front of your camera’s viewfinder while in the cutout mode. These images are cut into shapes that you then assemble when you switch to collage mode. To do so, you’ll arrange your cutouts in the 3D space by moving and tapping on the phone’s screen.

You can also adjust the shapes while holding down your finger and moving up, down, left and right — for example, if you want to rotate and scale your “weird cuts” collage shapes.

Unrelated (AFAIK), this little app lets you sketch in 2D, then put the results into AR space. (Adobe Capture should do this!)


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