AR: Nike aims for visual foot-size estimation, jersey try-on

Hmm… am I a size 10.5 or 11 in this brand? These questions are notoriously tough to answer without trying on physical goods, and cracking the code for reliable size estimation promises to enable more online shoe buying with fewer returns.

Now Nike seems to have cracked said code. The Verge writes,

With this new AR feature, Nike says it can measure each foot individually — the size, shape, and volume — with accuracy within 2 millimeters and then suggest the specific size of Nike shoe for the style that you’re looking at. It does this by matching your measurements to the internal volume already known for each of its shoes, and the purchase data of people with similar-sized feet.

Seems like size estimation could be easily paired with visualization a la Wanna Kicks.


On a semi-related note, Nike has also partnered with Snapchat to enable virtual try-on of soccer jerseys:


One thought on “AR: Nike aims for visual foot-size estimation, jersey try-on

  1. Back in the day, children’s shoe stores had a fluoroscope machine to show how well the shoes fit. What fun it was to see the shoe salesmen glow in the dark!

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