“AngelFace” identifies VCs around you

You might find this creepy as hell—and you might be right—but I guarantee you this will become commonplace, in one way or another (e.g. I walk into a cafe at work, know who all these people are, and know whom to talk to and why).

Velaga and Nefedov scraped photos of investors from Signal, a directory of venture capitalists in different industries, as well as Google Images. They declined to specify how many photos they have, though they said it is over 1,000. […]

When we tried out AngelFace at Vox’s office, the results were not impressive. The app didn’t recognize Casey Newton (not surprising) or Benchmark’s Bill Gurley (quite surprising). But whether it works is almost beside the point: peer-to-peer facial recognition software is still in its early stages and it’s likely to get more prevalent as time goes on. As Velaga said, “Anybody can make this technology — the tech we use, someone could figure it out watching YouTube videos.”

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