Happy 30th birthday, Photoshop!

Good lord… seems like I was just posting about the 25th anniversary (see fun links from then), and before that the 20th (do I even dare to listen to whatever presumable ear poison I recorded back then? (“A toast to Photoshop and 20 years of pain and pleasure! A toast to our guests and the spontaneous creation of a drinking game based on every time Bryan says “Scott Kelby” or John says “Configurator!””))… and yet here we are, old friends.

The team is marking the occasion by releasing new features for desktop & mobile versions of the app, including ML-powered object selection in both:


As for mobile, it sounds like things are going in the right direction. Per TechCrunch:

It’s no secret that the original iPad app wasn’t exactly a hit with users as it lacked a number of features Photoshop users wanted to see on mobile. Since then, the company made a few changes to the app and explained some of its decisions in greater detail. Today, Adobe notes, 50% of reviews give the app five stars and the app has been downloaded more than 1 million times since November.

Back in 2010 Russell Brown & friends got Photoshop 1.07 running on an iPhone; a decade later he’s showing the iPad version running machine learning:


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