Claustrophobic comedy: “Daydream Cribs”

Oh man—having spent the tail end of the Nineties jammed into a 120-sq.-ft. Manhattan apartment (where my jacked-up cat could run around the walls a la Trinity in The Matrix), I got a big kick out of this MTV Cribs-style video my teammate David recorded to entertain our team (“Daydream”) & to “Keep Daydream NYC Weird.”

The ironic small-space tour reminded me of a classic SNL. To this day I can’t hear the word “solarium” without immediately replaying it in Liam Neeson’s brogue. ☘️

2 thoughts on “Claustrophobic comedy: “Daydream Cribs”

  1. no way is that place 120 sq feet!!! Based on window and french door widths the room is at least 10 ft wide. Length of room including kitchen is for sure more than 12 feet. Kitchen is at least 6-8 living room area at least 10. Lets be honest. It is at least 200.

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