The Nik Collection returns, adds new features

I’m very pleased to see that after happily finding a new post-Google home with DxO, the Nik Collection has hit version 3.0, offering non-destructive editing, perspective correction, and more.

Among the notable changes:

By taking advantage of the TIFF MULTIPAGE file format, the plugin suite is able to combine “the input image, the saved Nik editing parameters, and the output file” into a single file. DxO claims this as a “first” for a suite of creative photo plugins, resulting in “unparalleled versatility.”

As for pricing & availability:

The Nik Collection 3 was launched early this morning and is available to purchase right away for a “special introductory price” of $100 for new users, or $60 for upgrades. Come July 1st, the collection will go back up to its MSRP of $150 for new users or $80 for upgrades.

You can download the trial version here.

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